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Ball Watch And Guillaume Nry A New Record
Writor:  Information Center  From: www.ewatch.cn   Date: 2008/9/23

By plunging to a depth of 113 m on July 3, the "dolphin" from Nice, ambassador for Ball Watch, gave the best performance of all time.

In the bay off Villefranche-sur-Mer the water is calm and the stream is strong. A few days short of his 26th birthday, Guillaume Néry set out to beat his 4th "constant weight" world free diving record. Connected to the cable - his lifeline-, he dives, disappearing into the blue, and everyone holds their breath… Propelled only by his mono-fin, the free diver glides along, undulating like a dolphin and dives to a depth of 113 metres and back to the surface in 2 minutes 45 seconds. So he adds one metre to the record held since 2007 by Austria’s Herbert Nitsch. "It’s an even greater thrill for me and for my team because it’s the first time that I’ve attempted a record without having first achieved it during training", Néry tells the press.

The feat is often the result of attention to detail. For Guillaume Néry "the key to free diving is relaxation. You go into an environment that is not your own, you must liquefy, accept the pressure, not fight against it". The symbiosis between the world record holder and the deeps of the seas inspired Ball Watch in creating a watch that has accompanied Néry on all his feats since 2006, the Engineer Master II Diver TMT.

A watch for the extreme, it is able to measure temperature from -35°C to +45°C by an integral thermometer and guarantees constant timekeeping between -40C° and +60°C. Its internal rotating bezel is fitted with a fixed winder that prevents it from moving underwater. Its O rings seal the case and ensure water resistance to 300 m. Its amorphous diamond type carbon coating enhances performance and life. Designed to go down with the diver into the darkness of the abyss, it has exceptional readability and luminosity due to its gas micro-tubes (3H).

Between Ball Watch and Guillaume Néry, the current flows… Youth, enthusiasm, determination, talent: the free diving champion’s values are the same as the watchmaker’s. Ball Watch supports its ambassador in his quest for new feats: beating records, pushing back the limits, endlessly improving abilities to improve performance.

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