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Dongguan Boxiang Plastic Factory
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   Flies in circles the PVC revertex production factory is abundantly the specialized design production: Revertex craft present, PVC picture frame, cartoon cup, tablemat, key buckle, baggage check, hand seat-s on a plane, handset hanging ornament, skill belt, cartoon notebook, cartoon watch band, cartoon polarization of rich and poor, flask opener, PVC rubber chapter, handbag rubber chapter of LOGO, clothing rubber chapter of LOGO, revertex zipper, shoes material LOGO. The product color is bright, the quality of material soft and hard concurrently may, the stereoscopic effect strong, bear the friction, the anti-aging, has the environmental protection, non-fading, not to be afraid of water, feel well and so on merits, is at present the most fashionable accessories, is also the unit promotes sales the present the good present, for human by novel, upscale, unique feeling. The factory is located in Guangdong Province Dongguan Gaobuzhen the valuable lotus village Bao-Cheng industry garden, (the Gaobu central station opposite, the broad garden fast entrance, adjoins to the Dongguan main terminal, the Dongguan east station, the transportation facilitates. ) in factory excellent surroundings. This factory pays great attention all along: “the quality first, prestige is supreme” introduces the domestic and foreign advanced production running water equipment, the broad gathering talented person, establishes the high quality management system and the first-class sales network, free for customer computer plan, design. Our management idea is: The customer is satisfied; Pursues remarkably, forever is in the lead; Guaranteed that your delivery date, does not delay certainly! These are we have insisted does! Please believe our strength and the service, if you have the PVC and so on product to produce, please relate with us. Because of ours specialty, we will provide the high quality product and the service, will strive for the faith by the prestige, we will be your best choices! Cooperates hand in hand with the expensive department, we and the most superior price will serve take the best quality as you, we will also become your best partner! Welcome the electricity incoming sample discussion

Company Type: 民营 Business Type: 制造商
Year established: 2003年 Major Products: 配件
Register Capital: 20-50万 Annual Sales Range: 100-300万
Number of Employees: 50-100人 R&D Staff: 5-10人
Brand Name: 博翔PVC Factory Size: 500-1000平方米
Throughput: 20000-100000只 QC/QA: 内部
Export Market: 世界
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